Speaking of Kevedd—


The funniest thing about the Kevedd fandom (when I was active in it) was how much they hated art styles that weren’t cartoon-y.

thanks a lot dude

Hi guys, I know there are a lot of you following this blog and I don’t want to take advantage of that but I’ve opened commissions and I was wondering if it would be alright if I reblogged it to here because a lot more people would see it.

Edd is not afraid of Kevin. Not on his own, anyway.

He treats Kevin the same way he treats everyone else. He’s a sassy little shit.

Stop making him “afraid” of Kevin.

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oh, no, you are sweet little anon ; v ;

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oh sweetie it isn’t a bother ; v ; you don’t have to ask me for permission.

It’s punkychuu

Yeah, this had a good run, but I will not be posting things on this blog anymore.

Seems my “anime” art isn’t accepted in this ship.


I guess you can still find some (untagged) Kevedd fanart on my main blog if you want, whatever, man.



What started out as a simple ship of Edd and Kevin from a 90’s cartoon show had blown up into something so massive, inspiring new characters and story lines, amazing art and writing, and I love you little fuckers, I really do. Now some complain that it’s losing sight of the original ship, but I feel that no matter where it goes, Edd and Kevin are still at the center. Everything else has become the stars and planets expanding from it. All of you, don’t stop, ever, because even when it’s to the point of “what the holy fuck?”, it’s still just bloody fun.

Exactly, Pen. I do see a large about of complaints and I agree that this fandom is different from other fandoms

Most fandoms don’t accept OCs.

Most fandoms don’t come up with the amount of fic and art this fandom does collectively… THIS. FAST.

Most fandoms don’t have a fandom for their own fandom.

I think that’s fantastic. Even if I don’t like some parts, that’s fine. That’s my opinion. Some people don’t like the parts of the fandom that I particularly like. And that’s okay, too, because you know what? Everyone likes something. We’ve all been brought together for one purpose. At the heart of it, this is just like those arguments on what constitutes a real fan.

Just love what you do. Those butterfly feelings you get when you look at these amazing artworks or read all of this awesome fiction? KEEP DOING IT. That’s your body’s way of telling you THIS IS AWESOME. Why would you deny yourself that because a few people are telling you that you can’t?

Keep writing, drawing, reading, rping, cosplaying, streaming. Bake fucking KevEdd cakes. Sing some songs. Do something. Be creative. Make art. If this fandom has inspired you: GO WITH IT.


I know this is a Kevedd blog but:

Nat and Kevin are roommates, they have been since both getting accepted into Florida State University. They’re together most of the day; football practice, in their dorm afterwards, etc; but not when Kevin brings back a girl (or guy). It’s never Nat, never. Nat watches from afar as Kevin flawlessly seduces these people and brings them home. He watches, enviously, but never says anything.
And when Kevin brings home Edd, and things start to get serious Nat needs to leave. He /needs/ to get out of there.

Sorry not sorry.

U m U I just really like them, okay?

This was inspired by Jewce’s Nat headcanons and Mishasassbutt’s cosplay umu